One Visa For Malaysia, Singapore And Indonesia For No Fee At All! – Kindly clarify

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Navya asked 4 months ago

Last updated on November 9th, 2017 at 12:13 pm

Apply for Malaysia Tourist Visa Online
This article is of great help. Appreciate for the detailed and clear info.
Kindly clarify me
1.My trip plan is : I reach Singapore 24th Dec and I’m planning to goto Malaysia 26th & 27th Dec and will return to Singapore 28th Dec. My flight tickets are to Singapore from India & from Singapore to India.My nationality Indian. So my query is, “Am I eligible to apply eNTRI visa?” as my flight ticket not directly to Malaysia from India; but will be from Singapore by bus or flight.
2.As per this article, “one Visa is enough to travel to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia”. Could you confirm whether its eNTRI visa that has this facility or eVisa?
Thanks alot for the replies 🙂

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Priyanka answered 4 months ago

Hi Navya,
You can apply for eNTRI since you are entering and exiting from Singapore and your stay is less than 15 days. However, you will need to apply for Singapore Visa separately. There is no visa that gives you access to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia together. To apply for Singapore visa, you can look at the blog posts here:
Let me know if you need any more clarifications.

Navya answered 4 months ago

Thanks for the clarification Priyanka! Hope 20USD the fee remains the same for eNTRI?

Priyanka replied 4 months ago

Yes Navya, you will need to pay 20 USD. This is the application processing fee.

Navya answered 4 months ago

For Malaysia could you give some info on the package I can take from within Malaysia (not from India trip online agents) for 2 days? Can I just book flight & hotel and can I try package from the local(Malasyia)?
Thanks Priyanka for your inputs on this.

Priyanka replied 4 months ago

We plan all our travels on our own and do not use any travel agents, so can’t help with that. However, depending on where in Malaysia you are headed, I can give you pointers on how to book etc.

Hope it helps!

Navya answered 4 months ago

Hi Priyanka,
I’m planning to goto KL by flight from singapore.I’m thinking of having this plan for the 2 days I stay.
Day 1-Arrival in Kuala Lumpur – Check-in – Aquaria KLCC Tour – Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens Tour – KL Night Tour
Day 2-Batu caves half day, National zoo half day
It’s a solo trip. And many of my contacts told me that Malaysia is not safe as Singapore and that is the main reason, I thought I should go for packaged tour.
May I book flight,hotel myself and could get the sightseeing from hotel folks or locally?
Thanks for confirming about the eNTRI fee.
Awaiting your inputs.

Priyanka replied 4 months ago

Some tips:

1. Visit Aquaria KLCC in the evening so you can catch the light & sound show in front of KLCC. There are 2 shows at 7pm and 8pm.
2. Instead of KL lake garden, I would suggest you go to the KL bird park. It’s as good as Jurong in Singapore.
3. Go to Dark caves when you visit Batu Caves. The reviews are excellent. We did not go because our kid was too young for that at the time we went.
4. National zoo closes at 4:30 pm, so plan accordingly. Again,we did not have much time for it so can’t comment much. But looks like they have a baby panda now; so worth it to see him 🙂

Singapore itself needs a week, hope you have planned it well. If you have 1 day, you may want to go to Legoland in Johar Bahru. Their are buses from SG.

Malaysia in general looks safe in the day-time if you are in the popular touristy areas. Most of the places you have mentioned would be fairly crowded and should not be much of an issue. Furthermore, tour agents won’t really add to the experience at any of these places. They are much better explored on your own.

We used public transport (bus / metro) to most of the places and did not face any issues. Check out, they have excellent reviews. However, they are covering so many places in short duration that it looks like a “touch-n-go” tour.


Navya answered 4 months ago

Thanks for the pointers Priyanka! Much appreciated. In fact in my 6 day trip, I’m planning to go to Batang, Indonesia for a day, trip by 45mins ferry from singapore. Hoping to enjoy the massage, bit shopping and place.
Is Malaysia good for shooping? Suirakala the right place for shopping -clothes, shoes etc?
Thank you.

Priyanka replied 4 months ago

We are not much into shopping, so can’t help there much Navya… Sorry about that!

Navya answered 4 months ago

It’s okay. I’ll check the link you given for Malaysia for my days there. Thanks

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